Tesco Erith

Comprising a main LV switchboard, a Oil Filled Transformer and a contianer. Due to the nature of the switchboard, the busbars have been rated at 4000A. A specific Metering system has been implemented, as specified by the customer. The dimensions of the container are adapted to incorporate a sealed, heated and air-conditioned room for the LV switchboard and an open, caged off, compartment to compensate for the transformer.



Retail Sector Reference Project

  • End Client : Tesco


  • Site : Northend Rd, Erith, Kent


  • Country : United Kingdom


  • Year of completion : 2013

The implemented solution

Characteristics of the solution:

  • Development: Design, manufacture, test, delivery and positioning of the switchboard and the container.
  • Low Voltage Switchgear and Oil Filled Transformer.
  • Electrical energies – post-meter ≤ 1000V

Customers benefits:

  • Custom made switchboard design and construction carried out by Twyver Switchgear to the customers’ approval.
  • High quality of workmanship based on years of experience in similar designs as well as the latest technical standards.


Contact Details: Neville Pellatt (neville.pellatt@twyver.co.uk)


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