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Our engineering department has wide experience in meeting customer’s Switchgear, Control and Instrumentation requirements.

Method statements, risk assessments are provided and reviews of health & safety, environmental requirements are undertaken.

All products prior to leaving our factory are extensively tested for quality and performance.

This ensures safety and reliability during operation and service.

LV Switchboard

Twyver Switchgear have designed, built, installed and commissioned “LV Distribution Switchboards” for a wide range of industries and customers both at home and abroad.

Reputation of switchboards manufactured by Twyver Switchgear:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Ease of access when terminating cables
  • Extendable with minimum of disruption on site
  • Ease of access for maintenance

Sub-Distribution Switchbords

Twyver Switchgear design and build a range of Sub-Distribution Switchboards for ratings of 800 amps and below.

Customers can choose from our:

  • Custom built range
  • Modular design range

Customer built range

Our “Custom built range” is ideal where space is at a premium and has a reputation for quality & reliability.

This range is based on:

  • Compact front access design
  • Top or bottom cable entry
  • ASTA certified bus bar systems
  • Choice of paint colour / finish
  • Moulded case circuit breakers or fuse switch units
  • Ingress ratings up to IP65

Smart Panel

In 2017, as Switchgear specialists, Twyver executed a Smart Panel project with a new client. Having presented the Smart Panel at the Smart Factory Expo (NEC, Birmingham) last November 2016 for the first time, this is the first order of the Twyver Smart Panel allowing remote control/notifications via a Smartphone.


The project will entail the supply of a generator and the addition of an auto-changeover section to an existing Switchboard, the changeover section will be complete with outgoing supplies and automatic control.


One of the client major criteria is the special requirement of automatic text message response to allow the client to monitor the status of the generator (e.g. when the Generator is called to start and when the system returns to mains and the Generator stops). Being aware of the status of the board at all times will allow the client to monitor fuel use and maintenance requirements on the generator.

Containerised Switchrooms

Containerised Switchrooms are designed taking into account customers detailed requirements.

Recent Twyver Switchgear Containerised Switchrooms have included High Voltage Switchgear, cast resin power transformers, LV. Distribution switchboards, power factor correction equipment, battery charging / switchgear tripping units, instrumentation / power monitoring devices, air conditioning, emergency lighting equipment together with general power and lighting.

The Containerised Switchroom Solution is often quicker and more cost effective than traditional brick built options.

A containerised switchroom can be readily installed either at ground or roof level.

Packaged Substations

Twyver Switchgear have designed, built, installed, tested and commissioned Packaged Sub-Stations for a many customers within the industrial and retail sectors and have a reputation for:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Easy of access

Package Sub-Stations enable significant savings to be achieved over traditional systems with:

  • Reduced Cabling costs
  • Reduced Civil engineering costs
  • Reduced Maintenance costs
  • Reduced Space requirements

MCC and Instrument Panel

Twyver Switchgear have designed, built, installed and commissioned “Motor Control Centres” and Instrument Panels for numerous industries and customers at both home and abroad.

Recent applications:

  • Quarries
  • Industrial Gas Plants
  • Water / Sewage Treatment Works
  • Automobile manufacture
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Aviation industry
  • Food Processing

Weather Proof Range

In addition to our normal range of Switchboards and Motor Control Centres, we are able to manufacture weatherproof versions.

Our cubicle design has been successfully tested for ingress protection (IP Rating) by the British Standards Institution.

Recent projects for weatherproof equipment have included:

  • Motor Control Centres
  • LV. Switchboards
  • Roof mounted Cast Resin Transformer

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