Twyver Switchgear have designed, built, installed, tested and commissioned Packaged Sub-Stations for a many customers within the industrial and retail sectors and have a reputation for:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Ease of access

Package Sub-Stations enable significant savings to be achieved over traditional systems with:

  • Reduced Cabling costs
  • Reduced Civil engineering costs
  • Reduced Maintenance costs
  • Reduced Space requirements

Our Package Sub-Stations are designed and built to suit customer’s individual requirements and generally incorporate:

  • High voltage incoming device (with or without protection)
  • Cast Resin Power Transformer
  • Air circuit breaker main incomer
  • Low Voltage Distribution Switchgear
  • Bus Couplers for dual transformer systems
  • Power Factor Correction Equipment

Where space is at a premium, dimensions and configuration can be tailored to suit customer’s specific requirements.

Recent Package Sub-Station designs have included:

  • “L” shaped arrangements
  • Multiple Incomers / transformers
  • Front to Front configuration with interconnection via overhead bus duct

When necessary the transformer can be force cooled to increase its rating or handle short term high peak loads.